Park & Ride Testimonials

Great experience. the whole parking / shuttle service was extremely well run.

Tina, July 2015


So easy and convenient I couldn’t believe it!

Diane, July 2015


Couldn’t of been easier. Shuttle to and from and avoided the stadium traffic.

Ray O.


The parking lot was about 3 min away from the stadium. The shuttle bus was fast and friendly.

Digna M.


100% satisfied. Thank you.

Lorraine H.


Very convenient. So much better than stadium parking lots. Easy in and out.

Maureen S.


Great spot next to metlife, shuttle was on time.

Hector C.


All was good. The workers and drivers were helpful and very friendly. Also very easy to get there and close to Metlife

Alexander C.


Everything Perfect. Enough space, shuttle service perfect, good meals in restaurant.

Claus S.


Fast Service, convenience, location from Stadium.

Joseph D.


Friendly staff, nice tailgate set up, convenient and fast shuttle, good food. Would definitely do again!

Ian C.


LOVE parking here, third time and it’s always been consistent and great. Food is good at Redd’s too!!

Dawn C.


Great Parking spot. Close to stadium. No traffic getting out. I love it.

Ivica M.


Convenient, avoided traffic on the drive up. Safe and secure. Lots of parking assistance from employees.

Elizabeth S.


Redd’s is a great place to use for parking at Met Life Stadium. Free shuttle service and a great bar scene make going there a pleasant overall experience.

Frank D.


It was excellent. The staff were friendly and courteous. The vehicle was safe and sound, and the shuttle to the stadium was very frequent. An all around great experience.

Indy S.


Parking at Redds was a great idea and will do again next time we hit a game … very friendly and great service …

Christopher B.


Redd’s is very easy to get to. Shuttle service is also very timely. Don’t have to wait long to catch a ride to/from stadium.

Donald H.


Friendly patrons, great food (free appetizers)and quick parking. Convenient shuttle service.

Marc C.


Very convenient!

Tedd D.


I would recommend this parking option to anyone whom is going to the stadium. The staff was friendly and we had an excellent time in the restaurant also. The next time we go we will use this option again.

John H.


No problems. In and out very efficient, shuttlebus quick before and after game.

Robert H.


Easy to get to, friendly staff, food is great, and the shuttle to/from the venue was a breeze. We walked from our stadium seats to the awaiting shuttle, and were in and out of Redd’s parking lot in under 6 minutes. Am already making plans to go there again soon . . . on second thought, you probably should look elsewhere lol. def 2 thumbs up!

Kevin W.


My girlfriend and I were visiting from out of town and needed a solution to get to the game. Not only was the parking system fantastic. We also stopped by Redd’s for drinks and food. I recommend anyone to use this parking and also stop by Redd’s for a drink or to eat. Service was amazing and staff was extremely friendly. This definitely made our experience that more enjoyable and we look forward until the next time we can go to Redd’s and see a Giants game. Thanks everyone !

Jeremy S.


Well run. Excellent experience. These guys are pros. And lunch at Redds before the game was a bonus. Shuttle was fast to and from stadium.

Allen W.


Great parking, didn’t have to wait long going to stadium or coming back to car. I love the fact that I didn’t have to fight the stadium traffic.

Lee M.


The directions were correct. The staff upon arrival was very friendly and the staff at the shuttle departure site was als extremely friendly and welcoming.

Michelle B.


Folks at Redd’s were great. Very Professional, the bus service was great. If you want a snack before or after the game, it’s a great place to hang out.

Steven M.


Shuttles were continuous and we got out quick and easy!

Georgia I.


The parking attendants and the drivers were courteous and helpful. The drive to and from the stadium was short and safe.
Thanks so much.

Tawana F.


Parking was amazing! Got us right in and around all the traffic. After the concert we were right back to the lot. No problems. This was for a Bon Jovi concert at MetLife Stadium. I read that the line could be chaotic on return. This was NOT the case. They had a guy holding a “Redd’s” sign after the show that indicated where to form the line for shuttle bus.

Robert V.


Parking and shuttle service was fine. Arrive early enough to get a decent spot. Shuttle buses were quick and left you close to the concert area entrance & gates. Short walk for us. We did get the first bus back to Redd’s after the concert and had no traffic at all. Worth it.

Astrid H.


Very convenient. Didn’t have to deal with Met Life parking lot congestion after the event.

Monique L.

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