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The “d “  in dpalsi

I guess you can say we have been so blessed that our parents “Tootsie” and “Red” raised us to understand how special our sister is.  Our parent’s commitment to faith, love, and family is an inspiration of unmatchable strength.

She grounds us, makes us realize what’s truly important in life. How simple and happy it is when you slow it down enough to enjoy it.

I guess it’s the innocence that pierces your heart if you are lucky enough to let it in.

What a tremendous role model she has been to our children, just bringing in to focus what’s truly important in life, carrying for your family and friends, letting them know that she is there for you and you are important to her.

That’s why our menu’s will always have our friends and families names on the dishes, because day in and day out there support, love, and friendship is all we will ever need.

The “d“  that means everything to us,

Our Champion, Our Innocent Inspiration, Our Sister, Darlene


darlene yankee stadium-2_Enhanced